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With this intent umed volunteers proactively ready with disaster management along with reliable network of volunteers from different expert areas. This strength of vast experience helped to support affected peoples during flood/draught and covid -19 pandemic  situations.


The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared coronavirus a pandemic. In India, despite all the preparedness and war-like promptness to safeguard against the pandemic, several lives have been lost, and hundreds of individuals have tested positive. Also, India has a larger concern to worry about. Its population size and density vis-a-vis the level of general awareness, preparedness and facilities available to treat an ailing section just does not matchup. To bridge this gap, UMED Foundation, India, along with its partners, have been working directly with the vulnerable sector and have assumed the responsibility to spread awareness among the communities and provide them with required hand-holding support on major aspects of hygiene and safe practices.


Kolhapur is not the only district reeling in the aftermath of unprecedented rains. As floodwaters recede, Kolhapur’s Shirol and Kurundwad talukas have also fast become the focus of rescue and relief work.

UMED Relief camps are providing food and water to victims even as every means is being used to transport relief materials. Even medicines and medical care are being provided.

UMED Foundation along with volunteers and local doctor, is conducting medical camps to help patients in flood-affected villages in Kolhapur districts. At least 50 doctors and healthcare professionals are volunteering for the mission along with 200 youth. “We are procuring medicines at wholesale prices from pharmaceutical dealers and giving it for free at our medical camps. These medicines are sponsored by local doctors and a team of social volunteers called UMEDians. After covering city relief camps, we have now reached rural areas affected by flood where the occupants are laborers and orphans. We will provide relief for a month on a volunteering basis after the floodwater recedes as part of post-flood medical aid,”.

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