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- Prakash Gatade

Omkar Mahajan, a brilliant and strong young guy lost his father during his early age, but he decided to take all family responsibility on his shoulder. He decided to sell incense stick in local market . He got support from his sister by taking tutions. But this earnings was not enough for the family and his higher education. One day Umed Foundation got to know that he is struggling for his bread and butter. We helped him to get sponsors and we provided his details to the Dr. Reddy's Marketing Team and they helped him for his higher education and now he become A Assistant Branch Post Master. 

Congratulation Omkar for your success. We hope you will continue helping needy students. 


Education For Waste Picker Children

-Sudam Chavan

Waste-picking in Maharashtra is the occupation of the poorest of the poor. In Shahuwadi Taluka of Kolhapur City there are over 2,000 waste pickers, mainly women and children. They are exposed to unhygienic conditions, toxic fumes and injury from sharp objects and machinery. Many of the women are divorced, separated, or the wives of drug addicts or disabled men. Their lack of skills, caste discrimination and dire poverty means waste picking is their only means of survival. Most of them live in slums, on footpaths, in public spaces such as bus or train stations or abandoned buildings. The dump’s nearest primary school is  4km away and mothers do not want to let their children walk there alone because of the busy roads and poor conditions. Yet they are unable to take them because they have to work. Adolescents are unable to develop vocational skills due to the cost and inaccessibility of training courses. Although the Indian constitution states that the government has a duty to protect the rights of waste pickers as they do all citizens, the women are unaware of their rights or how to change their situation

Our project at the Shahuwadi is ensuring child, adolescent and women waste pickers have the knowledge, skills, rights awareness and aspirations needed to access life-changing opportunities and improve their health. We are:

  • Providing primary education to children.

  • Providing vocational training and employment to adolescents and mothers.

  • Supporting mothers to improve their health and the health of their children.

  • Helping women, adolescents, children and men to be aware of their rights.


Educational Help From UMED

-Poonam Patil

I am really thankful to UMED Foundation. When i was struggling to arrange money for my education UMED Foundation helped me with Money whenever needed. When i was appearing to MSW UMED helped me during my each struggling steps. UMED is known as second parent's home where they take care of each needy person like their parents. Noone take care of the stranger with love and passion other than UMED. UMED stood by my side during my marriage like my parents and supported me financially and mentally. 

I remember one incident when i wanted to participate in "SrujanYatra 2017" but i didn't have money, that time Prakash Gatade Sir Helped me with some money so that i could participate in the program. Thank you for everything that you've done to help me. You never fail to make me smile. Thanks so much for your help and support! I am incredibly fortunate to be part of UMED Foundation now.

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